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December 8th, 1982

I haven't had a boyfriend in years (actually, I haven't even been on a proper date in years), so when a cute bloke makes eyes at you at a pub, well... what's the harm, right?

I am such an idiot. I was drunk, he was drunk, his flat wasn't far away and oh gods I can't even finish that thought. I am ABOVE THIS. I do not jump random blokes oh who am I kidding (but he was tall and dark and handsome and older than I am-).

EXCEPT THAT WASN'T EVEN THE AWKWARD BIT. When I sobered up a bit, I realised that the cute bloke was none other than LUIS PALMIRA WHO I SEE EVRYDAY BECAUSE WE WORK IN THE SAME WARD AT THE HOSPITAL. I absolutely wanted to die and I avoided him today because what on earth would I say to him after what happened?

I am such an idiot. This is why you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT have relationships with bandmates or people you work with and I very nearly did the first one and DEFINITELY just did the second and I am so ashamed of myself. But it felt nice to be needed like that-


Ah, the approaching holidays.

I'm going to be working a fair bit. I volunteered to take a few extra days so those with children and close relatives here can go home and enjoy them for a bit. I also don't celebrate Christmas, so it's harldy a problem. I'll get to see my own cousins and such for a little bit (especially Iris, who will be coming home from Hogwarts), but this is really the right thing to do, so. That's that.

I'm still on days for the time being (though with those extra shifts thrown in, I'll likely have night again sometimes as well), and things are going well. I got to help out in Artifact Accidents again this afternoon. Apparently today was a particularly bad day for broomstick crashes.

Things are still going brilliantly at the new flat, I'm happy to say. I'm much happier there than I was at the old one. No crusty food to remove from my plates.
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