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July 14th, 1983

Well, twenty-three certainly doesn't feel any older than twenty-two, I have to say. Four days in and... yeah!

Though I'm pretty sure I didn't ring in my birthday last year with a hangover and that overall ugh feeling like I did this year. OH WELL. This weekend was ENTIRELY WORTH everything I did and I will happily suffer any physical consequences because of it. Not that anything has affected my work, of course. I was smart and booked off Friday and Saturday ages ago and switched so I didn't have to work until the night shift on Sunday.

Anyway, things were a bit of a whirlwind. The band actually played Thursday night (which was my actual birthday, what an amazing present!) and then we essentially pub-hopped on Friday. Don't ask me exactly where we went, because I have no idea past the first couple of places. Ditto for what happened on Saturday, as we ended up going to a couple of house parties. Friends of a friend, so to speak. Anyway, the last one we ended up at (and the one we stayed at) featured a lot of football players and supporters from what I can remember. I don't know what team (or teams) they were from because I don't really follow it (something my bandmates constantly rib me about), but there was a lot of blue and purple floating around. Whatever, good times were had by all (lots of cute blokes, free drinks, good music...) and that's all that really matters, yeah?

I'm working night shifts all this week, so I should probably grab something for dinner and get my arse in gear. Cheers!
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