Ronnie Smethley (tambour) wrote,
Ronnie Smethley

April 2nd, 1985

Greetings from the oh-so-eventful night shift at St. Mungo's!

It's been a while since I've seen a Friday this... quiet. Then again, the pubs are still open and all of that. It'll get interesting after midnight, I reckon. Last Friday night was a bit nuts, it seemed as if fifty people all came at the same time with one issues or another - all claiming that they needed to be seen first. Naturally.

No Quidditch for me this weekend, sadly. Night shifts are alllll mine until Tuesday. But it's okay. There's not as many people to fight with for the coffee!

The fact that I am suddenly giving relationship advice to someone is actually laughable. But poor Lachlan has got himself all worked up over this girl who he has only met once and I guess I feel sorry for the bloke. It's been too long since he's had a bit of fun like that and it figures that the first girl he's mentioned to me in ages is probably Very Unavailable. A girl like that has to have a boyfriend, right?

I've told him to forget about her and try and focus on someone else. But I know her name and know what she looks like, and if by some miracle the situation does change and she's ever around here asking for him, I will take her to Lachlan's bloody front door myself if I have to.
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