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Day after day I'm more confused

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Friday, November 2nd, 2012
11:13 pm - April 2nd, 1985
Greetings from the oh-so-eventful night shift at St. Mungo's!

It's been a while since I've seen a Friday this... quiet. Then again, the pubs are still open and all of that. It'll get interesting after midnight, I reckon. Last Friday night was a bit nuts, it seemed as if fifty people all came at the same time with one issues or another - all claiming that they needed to be seen first. Naturally.

No Quidditch for me this weekend, sadly. Night shifts are alllll mine until Tuesday. But it's okay. There's not as many people to fight with for the coffee!

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Sunday, August 12th, 2012
10:04 pm - January 12th, 1985
When I volunteered to take some extra shifts over the holidays I never really imagined that my first real day off would have been yesterday. Wow.

I mean, I had the night off for New Year's Eve and I didn't have to work on New Year's Day until supper time, so there were technically twenty-four hours there I had to myself (and I did use them well... London has so many fabulous choices in which to ring in a new year). But I don't mind (though I don't even want to know what my neighbours think... I did mention that I was a nurse when some of them asked, so hopefully that explains away the funky schedule).

And I did get to spend a bit of time with my family in the middle of it all. I was most concerned with seeing my cousins before they went back to Hogwarts. They're growing up so fast, I can scarcely believe it... I mean, one will be finished next year. It makes me feel a little old!

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Wednesday, August 17th, 2011
5:58 am - January 17th, 1984
I am far too perky at this hour for having been here since suppertime yesterday and essentially having been nearly run of my feet for most of those hours. Whoa. Did someone put something in the coffee and not tell me, or...?

Anyway. Things have been busy, yes, but thankfully nothing too difficult or serious to handle. Yet. I still have at least five hours to go on shift so anything can happen... I'm working nights again all this week and after nearly a month of working almost exclusively days it's kind of hard to get back to the nocturnal lifestyle again. Oh well, it could certainly be worse and I do really like working nights. Most of the time, anyway! It must be nice for those Healers/mediwitches and wizards who are fortunate enough to essentially pick their own working hours, but I have a long way to go before I reach that sort of seniority. Though this summer I will have been on staff for five years, and that freaks me right out. I mean really, where has the time gone?!

But on a totally unrelated note- It's been a rough month for Caerphilly so far, ugh. Two matches and two losses! Oh well, let's hope they can redeem themselves against the Kestrels in a couple of weeks. I have a ticket to that one, so hopefully I'm not disappointed! First Quidditch match of the year... exciting times!

And sadly the band's taken a bit of a backseat this past little while... people's work schedule's are a little nutty for the most part. But we're getting together next week for our first real practice of the new year, and I can't wait for it! We've been working on some new stuff in between down time on shows (or trying to, at least) and I think we're going to try and hammer out a new song or two before the spring starts.

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Monday, February 14th, 2011
7:57 pm - July 14th, 1983
Well, twenty-three certainly doesn't feel any older than twenty-two, I have to say. Four days in and... yeah!

Though I'm pretty sure I didn't ring in my birthday last year with a hangover and that overall ugh feeling like I did this year. OH WELL. This weekend was ENTIRELY WORTH everything I did and I will happily suffer any physical consequences because of it. Not that anything has affected my work, of course. I was smart and booked off Friday and Saturday ages ago and switched so I didn't have to work until the night shift on Sunday.

Anyway, things were a bit of a whirlwind. The band actually played Thursday night (which was my actual birthday, what an amazing present!) and then we essentially pub-hopped on Friday. Don't ask me exactly where we went, because I have no idea past the first couple of places. Ditto for what happened on Saturday, as we ended up going to a couple of house parties. Friends of a friend, so to speak. Anyway, the last one we ended up at (and the one we stayed at) featured a lot of football players and supporters from what I can remember. I don't know what team (or teams) they were from because I don't really follow it (something my bandmates constantly rib me about), but there was a lot of blue and purple floating around. Whatever, good times were had by all (lots of cute blokes, free drinks, good music...) and that's all that really matters, yeah?

I'm working night shifts all this week, so I should probably grab something for dinner and get my arse in gear. Cheers!

current mood: content

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Thursday, January 20th, 2011
4:36 pm - June 20th, 1983
Alright, working for eight days straight! Here I come!

Oh well, right? It's not exactly like I mind this, or anything. I'm mostly on my own floor tomorrow (unlike the past couple of shifts), so that's exciting. For some reason, cases of vanishing sickness seems to increase over the summer months. Or it has in the past couple of years, anyway. Might be an anomaly, or there might be something to it. Hmm.

The band is finally practicing together again, as Pete is back in town. He's still not fully back in his normal state of mind (nor did any of us expect him to be), but the poor bloke is pouring all of his energy into getting the music up on the go again and I, for one, am excited. We're aiming for the end of July to be performing again.

Ugh, this coffee has gone cold and disgusting so I think it is far beyond time that I make myself a new cup. A new pot, even, as I'm pretty sure I took the last drop from the other one. Oops!

current mood: optimistic

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Monday, December 13th, 2010
1:38 am - May 13th, 1983
It probably wasn't the best idea to go to a Quidditch match when you've basically been working for two straight days and haven't actually seen the inside of your flat since sometime on Thursday, but that's exactly what I did.

It would have been better had Caerphilly won, but I guess that's all you can do. You can't win them all, and the Harpies did play well. Next time!

...Why am I still writing?

All I know is that I am going to sleep well tonight. No shift tomorrow, and none until the night shift on Tuesday, so I'm basically going to be a flat hermit until then. I have some cleaning I have to get done, maybe re-range the furniture, that sort of thing. It would also be a good time to re-dye my hair, I think. The blue's looking a bit faded.

current mood: exhausted

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Saturday, November 27th, 2010
11:39 pm - April 27th, 1983
Well, I'm in Newcastle for the weekend.

Pete's mother passed away on Wednesday, and the band thought we should support one of our own, so we came up here for the funeral and all of that. The funeral was actually yesterday (I came up after I finished up the night shift at work and grabbed a couple of hours of sleep in between), but I'm staying until sometime tomorrow. I requested today off (so a huge thank you to the person that ended up covering for me, and I'll return the favour any time you need it), and was free on Sunday anyway, so.

There were a lot of people around (and still are, actually), so I've been chatting to some of Pete's family. I don't really know anyone here save for the other band members, so there are a few awkward silences to get through.

It's kind of funny how different this weekend and last weekend are. This weekend is surrounded by grief and remembrance while last weekend I was at a wedding. One stage of life to another, I guess.

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Saturday, October 9th, 2010
12:50 am - March 9th, 1983
So! I'm working the night shift tonight, and I have tickets to the Caerphilly match later on (finally, finally finally I can go to a match again! I feel like it's been ages)... so this means not a heck of a lot of sleep in between! Oh well, I can crash early after the match, I guess, as I don't have any other plans for later. Kind of hard to make good plans, really, because I'm also fairly certain I've got the Sunday day shift, as well. Fun times.

After that unrequested Saturday I had off last month, guess who has had to work every one since? Ha, yeah. Karma might have come and got me on that one. Shift tonight is fairly quiet, though there was a new patient in my ward admitted not that long ago. It's not anything serious, thank Merlin, but we do need to keep her for a little while, just to make sure the contagious stage has passed.

I forgot I had poured out a mug of coffee at the start of break, and now it's practically gone ice-cold. Ew.

current mood: awake

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Saturday, September 4th, 2010
2:02 am - February 4th, 1983
Shockingly, I actually have an unrequested Saturday off. And nearly Sunday too, as I don't have to go in until the start of the night shift. It's weird, but I'm not complaining.

I slept in a little bit (I don't really know how to sleep in for long periods of time anymore, sadly), made some breakfast and decided to get out and explore my neighbourhood a little bit. Or rather, that's what I will do as soon as I've finished my omelette. It's funny, because I've lived here for a couple of months now, but other than knowing the way to and from the grocery store, the Tube station/nearest place to Apparate and Floo and the post office, I really haven't gotten around much. Which is sad, because this is a really nice area.

Pete is still in Newcastle visiting his mother, but the latest news I've heard from him is that she's not getting worse, so that's good news, I guess. Of course, it means the band still isn't together, but the rest of us have been getting together a couple of times a week to make sure we don't get rusty. I've been able to practice a bit on my own too, and Soundproofing charms are an absolute godsend.

current mood: pleased

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Friday, August 6th, 2010
1:32 am - January 6th, 1983
Well, no awkward encounters this last month with Luis or anyone else even remotely connected with this hospital, thank Merlin.
Still wish there was someone I could

The hols were nice. I was able to get home (home as in Wales) and see my grandmother and cousins for a little bit. Everyone was doing well, which was nice to see. I spent most of my time in London though, as I had to work an extra bit (covering those days for others, and all). New Year's Eve was ridiculous, in the good sense. This town certainly can throw a good party.

The band is on hiatus for a little while, I am sad to report. Our bass player has gone home (Newcastle) to be with his mother while she's sick. It's serious, so we don't expect him to be back any time soon. It's sad but at least he still has parents. I'll still practice while he's gone, and so will the band, at least informally.

The hospital is quiet tonight. I have a couple of patients to check up on in a bit, but for now... I'm going to enjoy the rest of my break. I see a few extra copies of The Prophet and things like that, so maybe I'll do a bit of reading, as well.

current mood: calm

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Thursday, July 8th, 2010
2:14 am - December 8th, 1982
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Ah, the approaching holidays.

I'm going to be working a fair bit. I volunteered to take a few extra days so those with children and close relatives here can go home and enjoy them for a bit. I also don't celebrate Christmas, so it's harldy a problem. I'll get to see my own cousins and such for a little bit (especially Iris, who will be coming home from Hogwarts), but this is really the right thing to do, so. That's that.

I'm still on days for the time being (though with those extra shifts thrown in, I'll likely have night again sometimes as well), and things are going well. I got to help out in Artifact Accidents again this afternoon. Apparently today was a particularly bad day for broomstick crashes.

Things are still going brilliantly at the new flat, I'm happy to say. I'm much happier there than I was at the old one. No crusty food to remove from my plates.

current mood: nauseated

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Monday, June 14th, 2010
7:11 pm - November 14th, 1982
Gods, it's been a busy couple of weeks.

I've been working mostly days for the past while and... I don't know. They're different than working nights. At least, that's what I've found. I don't know if anyone else had experienced much the same. It's fun, but there's a lot to do. There was another case of Vanishing Sickness again this morning that I assisted with. NOt the worst case I've ever seen, thank Merlin, but definitely on the side of severe.

I have a band practice tonight, which is exciting, as that's kind of been pushed aside lately. We've all seen an increase in hours at our various places of employment. And because a couple of the blokes are meeting me at the Tube station, I have to take Muggle transport for at least a portion of my trip, and I pray there won't be any headaches like the last time I had to use it and there was a train stalled in the tunnel ahead of us and we were stuck for about twenty minutes.

In the meantime, though, I think I'll squeeze in a quick nap.

current mood: mellow

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Friday, May 14th, 2010
9:29 am - October 14th, 1982
Well, after a bit of searching and a bit of mulling things over and a bit of rejection, I am happy to report that I have a new flat here in London. All to myself, which is brilliant. The place is actually pretty spacious (big enough that I can set up my drum kit and my guitar in the corner of the living room and not stumble over it on a regular basis). I still have another couple of weeks here in the old place, because I can't move in until the start of next month. And I can't wait, because I am just itching to get out. The blokes are pretty okay with this (or if they're not, they're hiding it well), so I don't think there will be much disruption in band-related functions. I told them I was just a quick train ride away (obviously a lie, since I can Apparate), in any event.

I'm going to the Puffskeins concert on Halloween. I think it goes without saying that I am excited (between that and moving, it will be a busy few days)!

I've seen what I've got to do for the rest of my shift, so I'll just gulp down the rest of this coffee and get to it. It's going to be a busy next few hours.

current mood: pleased

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Thursday, April 22nd, 2010
1:00 am - September 22nd, 1982
I've given my flatmates a month (a month) to straighten out their act a bit, and they haven't, so I'm giving them my notice and moving out. I'm sorry, maybe my standards of hygiene are a little inflated since I work in a hospital, but I am honestly surprised that no one has caught any diseases or anything. Other than band practices and meetings, I spend all of my time now basically in my room. Which is okay, but... well, my room is tiny, and I can practically feel the room shake when the trains pass by.

I need a flat of my own so badly that it's not even funny. I realise finding such a place within the confines of London that I can afford will be a challenging task (and I'll likely have to move back home while I'm searching), but this is something that I think is way beyond overdue.

I'm also excited Quidditch season has started again. Still cheering for Caerphlly, as always!

Today was fun at the hospital. I got to assist down in Artifact Accidents for awhile (one of the mediwizards had to leave for a family emergency, or something). It's been a while since I had to deal with cauldron explosions.

current mood: determined

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Wednesday, March 10th, 2010
2:32 am - August 10th, 1982
Sometimes, living with three blokes is a royal pain the arse, good Lord. I'm not saying all blokes are like them (because I know they're not), and I'm not saying I'm the neatest person on the planet (because I can make messes with the best of them), but the flat literally looks like a hurricane ripped through it (except for my room, because they're not allowed in it) and it makes me wonder if this is really the best living arrangement for me.

There's dirty clothes in the kitchen (and slung over part of my drum kit), dirty dishes in the loo (and stacked up behind a book shelf), there's mud all over the front entrance way, one of them clogged up the drain in the sink (likely why the dirty dishes seem to be multiplying every time I turn around), and- EW. There is a GREEN FUZZY SPOT on the table that ISN'T FOOD.

I need to get out of here for a couple of days. My skin is starting to crawl.

...On a slightly more positive note, congrats to those that passed their exams! It's nice to see some new faces around here on a full-time basis. And best of luck to those just starting out. Most of us don't bite, I promise.

current mood: annoyed

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Thursday, February 11th, 2010
2:11 am - July 11th, 1982
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Birthday stuff happened last night.

I am so glad to be working the night shift tonight. So glad.

(Also. If anyone can tell me why I am currently wearing a feather boa, that would be BRILLIANT. Thanks!)

current mood: groggy

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Friday, January 8th, 2010
4:16 am - June 8th, 1982
So, my flatmates have decided to arse off to Amsterdam for the week (something about a friend's stag weekend, or whatever), so I have the very, very rare commodity of having ENTIRE flat all to myself until they return high, drunk and/or out of money.

This is FABULOUS and I intend to enjoy every minute of it. Once I clean the place up, because living with three blokes (though they try, they really do)... yeah. They won't recognise the place when they get back, which will be brilliant. I can't wait to see them freak out over where I put stuff. I'm not touching their rooms, of course, but all the common areas are fair game! And since I can freely do magic without them there, it will absolutely boggle their minds how I was able to get so much done.

My work schedule is pretty much the same at is always has been, with some days mixed in along with some nights. I do a lot of doubles, but then I get longer periods of time off in between some shifts, so it all works itself out. I just stayed in the general treatment offices today, nothing highly extravagant to report. It was pretty much an average day!

I'm hoping to get a few days off at the end of the month to spend with my grandmother back home in Wales. She still lives in the house she and my grandfather lived in before his death, but it's too huge for just the one person to live in, so my aunt and cousins (when they're home) also stay there. But she's also had numerous health problems in recent years, and my aunt has devoted a huge amount of time caring for her and I thought she really needs a few days where she isn't on call 24/7. I help her when I can, but an hour here and there doesn't really go as far as one would like.

current mood: relaxed

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Thursday, December 3rd, 2009
11:12 pm - May 3rd, 1982
Enid and Thom, I can't remember if I RSVPed or not already to the wedding, but I am definitely going to be there! Jury's still out on whether or not I'm bringing a guest (though please, if anyone wants to go with me, do let me know!), but I'll let you know about that by the end of next week, if that's okay?

Kirley, I do hope you're alive and well whenever it is you are, I haven't heard from you in ages!

And of course, Greta's birthday is next Friday. We HAVE to do something. Especially since I do not have to work Friday night or the day shift on Saturday.

Not much else worth writing about... All I've basically been doing the work, sleep and eat routine. Sometimes without the sleep. Coffee's been a wonderful assistant, as always.

current mood: awake

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Tuesday, November 17th, 2009
12:24 am - April 17th, 1982
My flatmates can be SO STUPID.

They left their stupid guitars PLUGGED IN and when the power went out to our building we were stumbling around in the dark trying to find a torch sometimes living with Muggles is so inconvenient and I bloody TRIPPED on one of the cords and banged my HEAD off off the coffee table when I fell so now I have this GASH down the side of my head and it is bleeding.

I would have gone to St. Mungo's had I been alone, but my flatmates felt guilty and insisted on taking me to the local Muggle hospital where I have been waiting for a couple of hours now with a load of gauze pressed against my head. They will not leave, or let me leave. If I had been able to get to the RIGHT hospital, I probably would have seen SOMEONE by now.

I'm supposed to be on the day shift, but I had to owl in and tell them I may be late because I am NEVER GOING TO BE SEEN here, because my injury is hardly a life or death situation.

And hospital coffee is still horrible, regardless of where you go.

DAMN IT ALL. I am not a happy person right now.

current mood: pissed off

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Friday, November 6th, 2009
7:21 pm - April 6th, 1982
I do rather enjoy it when my work schedule is such that I can work quidditch matches into my weekends. I have tickets for all of Caerphilly's matches this month, even though I've got to work overnights the night before a couple of them and the night shift the day they play the Cannons not that I expect that to be a particularly long match. Hopefully everything will work out, because it means I get to see the Bats, Arrows and Wasps (again).

I spent some time at home this week, as my cousins were visiting. It's obviously much easier for me to go see them than for them to come see me. And I don't think Glenda would survive in London. It was nice, because I hadn't been back in a while. My aunt and myself spent some time shopping in Cardiff. I'm pretty sure she came out of it with enough things to feed and clothe a small country.

I don't have much on the go this weekend except for work tomorrow and Sunday (hooray for consecutive day shifts!), so if anyone knows of something exciting that's happening (or even mundane! I'll take mundane out-of-work activities!), please let me know? I really don't want to spend the weekend in my flat again.

current mood: hopeful

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