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April 6th, 1982

I do rather enjoy it when my work schedule is such that I can work quidditch matches into my weekends. I have tickets for all of Caerphilly's matches this month, even though I've got to work overnights the night before a couple of them and the night shift the day they play the Cannons not that I expect that to be a particularly long match. Hopefully everything will work out, because it means I get to see the Bats, Arrows and Wasps (again).

I spent some time at home this week, as my cousins were visiting. It's obviously much easier for me to go see them than for them to come see me. And I don't think Glenda would survive in London. It was nice, because I hadn't been back in a while. My aunt and myself spent some time shopping in Cardiff. I'm pretty sure she came out of it with enough things to feed and clothe a small country.

I don't have much on the go this weekend except for work tomorrow and Sunday (hooray for consecutive day shifts!), so if anyone knows of something exciting that's happening (or even mundane! I'll take mundane out-of-work activities!), please let me know? I really don't want to spend the weekend in my flat again.
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