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April 17th, 1982

My flatmates can be SO STUPID.

They left their stupid guitars PLUGGED IN and when the power went out to our building we were stumbling around in the dark trying to find a torch sometimes living with Muggles is so inconvenient and I bloody TRIPPED on one of the cords and banged my HEAD off off the coffee table when I fell so now I have this GASH down the side of my head and it is bleeding.

I would have gone to St. Mungo's had I been alone, but my flatmates felt guilty and insisted on taking me to the local Muggle hospital where I have been waiting for a couple of hours now with a load of gauze pressed against my head. They will not leave, or let me leave. If I had been able to get to the RIGHT hospital, I probably would have seen SOMEONE by now.

I'm supposed to be on the day shift, but I had to owl in and tell them I may be late because I am NEVER GOING TO BE SEEN here, because my injury is hardly a life or death situation.

And hospital coffee is still horrible, regardless of where you go.

DAMN IT ALL. I am not a happy person right now.
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