Ronnie Smethley (tambour) wrote,
Ronnie Smethley

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May 3rd, 1982

Enid and Thom, I can't remember if I RSVPed or not already to the wedding, but I am definitely going to be there! Jury's still out on whether or not I'm bringing a guest (though please, if anyone wants to go with me, do let me know!), but I'll let you know about that by the end of next week, if that's okay?

Kirley, I do hope you're alive and well whenever it is you are, I haven't heard from you in ages!

And of course, Greta's birthday is next Friday. We HAVE to do something. Especially since I do not have to work Friday night or the day shift on Saturday.

Not much else worth writing about... All I've basically been doing the work, sleep and eat routine. Sometimes without the sleep. Coffee's been a wonderful assistant, as always.
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