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June 8th, 1982

So, my flatmates have decided to arse off to Amsterdam for the week (something about a friend's stag weekend, or whatever), so I have the very, very rare commodity of having ENTIRE flat all to myself until they return high, drunk and/or out of money.

This is FABULOUS and I intend to enjoy every minute of it. Once I clean the place up, because living with three blokes (though they try, they really do)... yeah. They won't recognise the place when they get back, which will be brilliant. I can't wait to see them freak out over where I put stuff. I'm not touching their rooms, of course, but all the common areas are fair game! And since I can freely do magic without them there, it will absolutely boggle their minds how I was able to get so much done.

My work schedule is pretty much the same at is always has been, with some days mixed in along with some nights. I do a lot of doubles, but then I get longer periods of time off in between some shifts, so it all works itself out. I just stayed in the general treatment offices today, nothing highly extravagant to report. It was pretty much an average day!

I'm hoping to get a few days off at the end of the month to spend with my grandmother back home in Wales. She still lives in the house she and my grandfather lived in before his death, but it's too huge for just the one person to live in, so my aunt and cousins (when they're home) also stay there. But she's also had numerous health problems in recent years, and my aunt has devoted a huge amount of time caring for her and I thought she really needs a few days where she isn't on call 24/7. I help her when I can, but an hour here and there doesn't really go as far as one would like.
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