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July 11th, 1982

I think my drunk is wearing off somewhat. This is good.

BUT WHAT A NIGHT. Since I was Birthday Girl (twenty-two, I'm OLD), I didn't have to pay for a THING. It was BRILLIANT. I love my Muggle friends. I missed my magical friends tonight, but there will be time for them later. I don't get to hang out with this lot as much as I would like.

We missed the last Tube train tonight, so the boys decided we would WALK BACK to our flat. I have no idea where the hell we were when they decided this, so I was all OKAY SURE and it took AGES and I'm pretty sure my feet have these HUGE blisters because OW. I just wanted to say 'fuck it' and Apparate home, but I could not because they are Muggles and that would be VERY BAD if they saw.

Everyone I live with will be HUNGOVER in the morning and they do not have the luxury of a hangover potion, so it will be so funny to watch them stumble around while I will be practically normal. They are amazed at my 'ability' to never get hangovers. It's so funny.

There is a bloke next to me on the couch. Okay WHEW it's one of my flatmates. Crisis averted. OR IS IT. SHIT. I THINK I MADE OUT WITH HIM EARLIER. I HOPE THAT WAS IT.

....I think I'm going to make this private.

Birthday stuff happened last night.

I am so glad to be working the night shift tonight. So glad.

(Also. If anyone can tell me why I am currently wearing a feather boa, that would be BRILLIANT. Thanks!)
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