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August 10th, 1982

Sometimes, living with three blokes is a royal pain the arse, good Lord. I'm not saying all blokes are like them (because I know they're not), and I'm not saying I'm the neatest person on the planet (because I can make messes with the best of them), but the flat literally looks like a hurricane ripped through it (except for my room, because they're not allowed in it) and it makes me wonder if this is really the best living arrangement for me.

There's dirty clothes in the kitchen (and slung over part of my drum kit), dirty dishes in the loo (and stacked up behind a book shelf), there's mud all over the front entrance way, one of them clogged up the drain in the sink (likely why the dirty dishes seem to be multiplying every time I turn around), and- EW. There is a GREEN FUZZY SPOT on the table that ISN'T FOOD.

I need to get out of here for a couple of days. My skin is starting to crawl.

...On a slightly more positive note, congrats to those that passed their exams! It's nice to see some new faces around here on a full-time basis. And best of luck to those just starting out. Most of us don't bite, I promise.
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