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January 6th, 1983

Well, no awkward encounters this last month with Luis or anyone else even remotely connected with this hospital, thank Merlin.
Still wish there was someone I could

The hols were nice. I was able to get home (home as in Wales) and see my grandmother and cousins for a little bit. Everyone was doing well, which was nice to see. I spent most of my time in London though, as I had to work an extra bit (covering those days for others, and all). New Year's Eve was ridiculous, in the good sense. This town certainly can throw a good party.

The band is on hiatus for a little while, I am sad to report. Our bass player has gone home (Newcastle) to be with his mother while she's sick. It's serious, so we don't expect him to be back any time soon. It's sad but at least he still has parents. I'll still practice while he's gone, and so will the band, at least informally.

The hospital is quiet tonight. I have a couple of patients to check up on in a bit, but for now... I'm going to enjoy the rest of my break. I see a few extra copies of The Prophet and things like that, so maybe I'll do a bit of reading, as well.
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