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February 4th, 1983

Shockingly, I actually have an unrequested Saturday off. And nearly Sunday too, as I don't have to go in until the start of the night shift. It's weird, but I'm not complaining.

I slept in a little bit (I don't really know how to sleep in for long periods of time anymore, sadly), made some breakfast and decided to get out and explore my neighbourhood a little bit. Or rather, that's what I will do as soon as I've finished my omelette. It's funny, because I've lived here for a couple of months now, but other than knowing the way to and from the grocery store, the Tube station/nearest place to Apparate and Floo and the post office, I really haven't gotten around much. Which is sad, because this is a really nice area.

Pete is still in Newcastle visiting his mother, but the latest news I've heard from him is that she's not getting worse, so that's good news, I guess. Of course, it means the band still isn't together, but the rest of us have been getting together a couple of times a week to make sure we don't get rusty. I've been able to practice a bit on my own too, and Soundproofing charms are an absolute godsend.
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