Ronnie Smethley (tambour) wrote,
Ronnie Smethley

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June 20th, 1983

Alright, working for eight days straight! Here I come!

Oh well, right? It's not exactly like I mind this, or anything. I'm mostly on my own floor tomorrow (unlike the past couple of shifts), so that's exciting. For some reason, cases of vanishing sickness seems to increase over the summer months. Or it has in the past couple of years, anyway. Might be an anomaly, or there might be something to it. Hmm.

The band is finally practicing together again, as Pete is back in town. He's still not fully back in his normal state of mind (nor did any of us expect him to be), but the poor bloke is pouring all of his energy into getting the music up on the go again and I, for one, am excited. We're aiming for the end of July to be performing again.

Ugh, this coffee has gone cold and disgusting so I think it is far beyond time that I make myself a new cup. A new pot, even, as I'm pretty sure I took the last drop from the other one. Oops!
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