Ronnie Smethley (tambour) wrote,
Ronnie Smethley

January 17th, 1984

I am far too perky at this hour for having been here since suppertime yesterday and essentially having been nearly run of my feet for most of those hours. Whoa. Did someone put something in the coffee and not tell me, or...?

Anyway. Things have been busy, yes, but thankfully nothing too difficult or serious to handle. Yet. I still have at least five hours to go on shift so anything can happen... I'm working nights again all this week and after nearly a month of working almost exclusively days it's kind of hard to get back to the nocturnal lifestyle again. Oh well, it could certainly be worse and I do really like working nights. Most of the time, anyway! It must be nice for those Healers/mediwitches and wizards who are fortunate enough to essentially pick their own working hours, but I have a long way to go before I reach that sort of seniority. Though this summer I will have been on staff for five years, and that freaks me right out. I mean really, where has the time gone?!

But on a totally unrelated note- It's been a rough month for Caerphilly so far, ugh. Two matches and two losses! Oh well, let's hope they can redeem themselves against the Kestrels in a couple of weeks. I have a ticket to that one, so hopefully I'm not disappointed! First Quidditch match of the year... exciting times!

And sadly the band's taken a bit of a backseat this past little while... people's work schedule's are a little nutty for the most part. But we're getting together next week for our first real practice of the new year, and I can't wait for it! We've been working on some new stuff in between down time on shows (or trying to, at least) and I think we're going to try and hammer out a new song or two before the spring starts.
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